The Winghaven Lodge

We realize that fond memories and lasting impressions really do require more than unparalleled wing shooting. With that in mind, rest assured that we have attended to all the appointments that upland hunters have come to expect!

Come enjoy spacious rooms with large comfortable beds, private baths and a balcony view that will make you want to start the day there with that first cup of coffee, and end it there with a glass of fine Kentucky bourbon and a good cigar.

The lodge also features a spectacular great room with some very impressive trophy mounts, including several local whitetail mounts that will score above "160" and an elk that stretches the tape measure to an unbelievable "416 7/8".

WingHaven LodgeThe trophies compliment a stone fireplace that brings warmth to the room after a long day afield, and nothing helps warm cold bones more than a crystal glass with an ounce of ice and double shot of some of the finest Kentucky single barrel bourbons to be found!

The Bourbon Review Magazine is quoted as saying "it is the most impressive selection of bourbon we have seen west of Louisville", and it just keeps getting better!

When the dinner bell rings anyone who has visited with us before doesn't have to be told twice it's time to eat, we take a lot of pride in putting a good dinner on the table and customer testimonials bear this fact out! We serve wine with dinner as part of your one fee price as well.

In combination with all these amenities are good cell service from AT&T and Verizon, as well as internet service. Remember it's all included in our one fee price so you don't have to wonder how the accommodations will be and you can start imagining what the hunt will be like tomorrow.

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